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Volume 8, Issue 6, June (2018)

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1 PROSTASIA- Stay Connect, Stay Safe
Shreya Singal, Madhumita Paul, Sanjana Rane, Vidhya B
2 Energy Efficient Data Transfer Mechanism based on Location based Direct Diffusion in WSN
Urmila, Sona Malhotra
3 16 Bit Data Processor Implemented by FSM
Dheera Chaudhary, Rajiv Sharma, Seema
4 A Review of General Issues and Challenges for Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET)
Vipin, Dr. Rajender Singh Chhillar
5 Design of CMOS Serializer
Arunthathi.G, Umamaheswari.K, K.N.Vijeyakumar
6 Agriculture Decision Support Using Data Mining Algorithms-A Survey
Krishna Janardh, Dr. D Vimal kumar
7 A Detailed Survey on Text Data Security and Compression Techniques Using Huffman Coding Compression
Dr.N.Kavitha, Anu Mattatholi
8 A Novel Hybrid Job Scheduling Algorithm for Performance Enhancement in Cloud Computing
Dr. Karambir, Charul Chugh
9 Comparing and Analyzing Routing Protocols (AODV, DSR and WRP) in QoS of MANET
Vikas Kumar, Dr. Ajeet Singh, Anil Kumar Gupta

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