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Volume 8, Issue 3, March (2018)

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1 Robust Crypto Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol
Poonam Saini, Ritu Rani, Hitesh Sharma, Sandeep Kumar
2 Implementation and Analysis of Detection of Wormhole Attack in VANET
Parteek Kumar, Dr.Sahil Verma, Kavita, Ranbir Singh Batth
3 Reliable Dynamic Source Routing (RDSR) Protocol with Link Failure Prediction for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET)
Mohamed A. Al-Shora, Sayed A. Nouh, Ahmed R. Khalifa
4 Intelligent Relay for Power System Protection
Priti T. Indurkar, S. J. Tikhe
5 A Survey on Anonymization Based Privacy Preserving Models
Teshu Kant Parkar, Yamini Chouhan, Samta Gajbhiye
6 Various Approaches on Sentiment Analysis Using Social Media Data
I. Mohan, R. Vigneshwar, G. Sureshkumar, B. Udhaykumar, B. Ajithkumar
7 Adaptive Distributed Game Theory Based Congestion Moderation in RPL Networks
T. Ramesh, S. Shaleni Priya
8 A Bird's Eye View of Crypto Currency (Bitcoin)
B. Muni Lavanya, Manoranjan G, Pasula Madhu
9 Estimation of Association Summarization Techniques Performance in Prediction of Diabetes Mellitus
J.Omana, Dr.M.Moorthi
10 A Billing Scheme of Tollbooth in Service Oriented Vehicular Network
Thiagarajan, Dr.Moorthi
11 An Optimized Design System for Flip-Flop Grouping Using Low Power Clock Gating
Dr. D. Mahesh Kumar
12 Monitoring and Detection of Abnormal Driving Behavior Using Smartphone
Beula Raj.R, Abirami.M.G, Meino Melanie.M, Abirami.A, T.Viveka
13 Smart Farming Technology
Kalaiarasi.S, Visnu Dharshini.S, B.Yagneshwaran, Vignesh Babu M.R, Preksha Kothari. V
14 Avoidance of Duplication of Encrypted Bigdata on Cloud Storage
Sharmi V, Asmitha C, Mactalin Godfri M, Neela K.L
15 LINKTIMITE: User Privacy-Preserved Social Network using SPFM Protocol
Aswin Pradeep Das.T.H, Arun Kumar.V.K, Boothalingam.M, Karthik.G, K.L.Neela

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