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Volume 8, Issue 1, January(2018)

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1 A Survey on Performance Analysis of OFDM System in Different Transmission Modes under Different Fading Channels
Maninder Singh, Dr. Dalveer Kaur, Ziyaur Rahman
2 Adaptive Routing Protocol for wireless Body Area Networks with Heterogeneous Nodes
Sijjad Ali khuhro, Zeeshan Haider, Kashan Memon
3 Adaptive Personalized Clinical Decision Support System Using Effective Data Mining Algorithms
Anima.P, B. Senthil Kumar
4 Biosearch: A Domain Specific Energy Efficient Query Processing and Search Optimization in Healthcare Search Engine
Asha Unnikrishnan, B. Senthil Kumar
5 Weighted Average SIFT Algorithm for Fast Pancreas Detection and Pathology Analysis from Abdominal CT Scans
A.Venugopal, CM Sulaikha
6 Reducing Security Vulnerabilities in Software Defined Mobile Network
A. Venugopal, Anila. N. V
7 Survey on Energy Consumption Modeling Using Topology Controlling Methods for IoT Cloud Federation
J.Gobinath, Dr.S.Hemajothi
8 Conditional Key Pre-Distribution with Collaborative Authentication in Wireless Mobile Network
J. Santhosh, Sisha V A
9 Intelligent Inventory Miner Approach for Effective Inventory Forecasting and High Dimensional Inventory Data Management
A.Venugopal, Jisha. P
10 Survey: Importance and Research Issues in Big Data
Dinesh R, Dr.K.Selva kumar, Manibharathi R

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