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Volume 7, Issue 8, August (2017)

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1 Big Data Predictive Analytics with RevoScaleR
A Yugandhar Reddy, A. Suresh Babu
2 Comparative Analysis of Sepic and Buck Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive
Payal Pradipkumar Satao, Dr.S.B.Mohod, R.B.Pandhare
3 Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment
Irfan Yaqoob, Syed Adil Hussain, Saqib Mamoon, Nouman Naseer, Jazeb Akram, Anees ur Rehman
4 E-Cattle Health Monitoring System Using IOT
Sweta Jha, Amruta Taral, Komal Salgaonkar, Vaishnavi Shinde, Shraddha Salgaonkar
5 Design of Compact Annular Ring MicroStrip Antenna for Multiband Communication System
Mahesh N Naik, Prashanth C R
6 Data Mining Methods and Techniques for Clinical Decision Support Systems
B. Senthil Kumar, Anima.P
7 Comparative and Analysis of Classification Problems
B. Senthil Kumar, Dr. R. Gunavathi

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