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Volume 7, Issue 3, March (2017)

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1 Design of Inverter for BLDC Motor
Shubham V. Nandurkar, Suraj U. Hajare, Vivek S. Rakhade, B. S. Dani, R.P.Argelwar
2 Design and Performance Analysis of Sequential Circuit Using Clocking Techniques: Survey
M.Lavanya angelin, M.Thiruveni
3 Design of Reversible Decoder Using QCA Technology
A.Benitto Bella, P.N.Sundararajan
4 Speed Control of DC Motor Using Microcontroller
Prathmesh A. Askar, Piyush P. Naphade, Ajaykumar R. Jupaka, Rahul V. Adle
5 A Hybrid Approach for Intrusion Detection Based on Pattern Matching and Clustering using Neural Network
Rajni Tewatia, Asha Mishra
6 Optimal Multipath Routing using BFS for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hemanth Kumar, S M Dilip Kumar, Sunitha G P
7 Design and Analysis of Single Phase Diode Clamped Multi Level Inverter
Dhanashri Kondbattunwar, Sneha Wanjari
8 Recent Developments in Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
Pallavi Jangir, Parul Gautam, Dimple Juneja, Mukta Dhiman
9 Implementation of Binary FFT Using Cordic Algorithm
R.Merlin Princy, S.Arun Kumar
10 Survey on the Optimal Placement of Secure Data Objects over Internet
Jayshri Singh, Keshav Kori
11 Routing Mechanisms in Ad Hoc Networks
Dr.Deepak Chahal, Dr.Latika Kharb
12 Research on Automatic Air Filter Cleaning System
Swapnil M. Dhok, Mahesh A. Meshram, B.D. Sarode
13 Review on Automatic Air Filter Cleaning System
Kartik D. Gandhe, Vivek B. Raut, B.D. Sarode

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