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Volume 6, Issue 8, August (2016)

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1 Interleaved DC-DC Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle Application
R.Reenu, S.Divya Bharathi, D.Harshima Nashreen, M.Vishnu Priya, G.Saranya Devi
2 A Review Paper on Currency Recognition System
Rinki Rathee
3 Transient Stability Study in IEEE9 Bus System and Compensating Using TCSC
S.B.Kamble, R.R Shah
4 Performance Evaluation of Network-Assisted Device Discovery for LTE-Based Device to Device Communication System
S Madhusudhan , P.Jatadhar, P.Dileep Kumar Reddy
5 Impact of Mobility Speed on Different Traffic Patterns in MANET
Shweta Tripathi, Ajay Kumar, Shailesh Kumar Patel
6 “Integration of Wind Solar Hybrid & Challenges to Grid Connectivity & It’s Mitigation”
A.U.Moon, R.R Shaha
7 Survey on Dust Network and Energy Efficiency Communications in Wireless Sensor Network
Suvendra Kumar Jayasingh
8 Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network- Survey
Neha Gupta, Parbhat Verma
9 Analysis of VMware Hypervisor Security
Peter Sungu Nyakomitta
10 A Survey on Performance Analysis of WRP, BELLMAN & AODV Routing Protocols for MANET
Avinash Gaurav, Aradhana Singh
11 A Survey on Performance Evaluation of AODV, DSR and WRP over (TDMA) and (CSMA)
Akhilesh Misra, Aradhana Singh

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