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Volume 6, Issue 12, December (2016)

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1 Implementation of Home Automation through Internet of Things
Sweta Pattar, Dinesha H A
2 Reduction of Glitch Energy in Binary Weighted Current Steering DAC: Survey
P.Karthika, T.Chelladurai
3 Design and Implementation of D Flip-Flops for maximum Performance VLSI using 180nm CMOS Technology
Priyanka Tripathi, Divyanshu Rao, Ravi Mohan
4 Design and Implementation of Domino Logic Circuit in CMOS
Ankita Sharma, Divyanshu Rao, Ravi Mohan
5 Design and Implementation of Ternary Logic Gates over a Quaternary Logic
Neetu Verma, Divyanshu Rao, Ravi Mohan
6 Segmentation and Classification of MR Brain Images Using DT-CWT and Kernal SVM
R. Sheeba Begam, M. Vandhana Lakshmi
7 A Survey, Study and Review on Performance Improvements in P2P Content Distribution Network
M.Anandaraj, G. Muthupandi, P.Sivakumar
8 Design and Modelling Of PV Module Using Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique
Nilesh P. Mendhe, Deepak Shahakar

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