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Volume 5, Special Issue 1, November (2015)

List of Papers Presented at the International Conference on Information Technology on 25th September (2015) conducted by Department of computer science and applications, Thiruthangal Nadar College, Selavayal, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

S.No Tile & Authors Full Text
1 Design of A Competent Broadcast Algorithm for Reliable Transmission in CEAACK MANETs
J.Sathiamoorthy, Dr. B. Ramakrishnan, Usha.M
2 Detection of Breast Micro Calcification in Digital Mammogram Using Image Processing Techniques
N.M.Sangeetha, Dr. D.Pugazhenthi
3 Anticipation of Best Project Proposals based on Risk Assessment using Clustering Technique
Dr. K.Kavitha
4 Analogization of Algorithms for Effective Extraction of Blood Vessels in Retinal Images

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