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Volume 4, Issue 3, October (2015)

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1 Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Fuzzy Logic
Sahil Sharma, Er. Vikas Wasson
2 Analysis of Root Mean Square Error by varying Cyclic Prefix in MIMO-OFDM system using Polyphase Filter Bank
Mandeep Mehra, Gagandeep Kaur Cheema
3 Survey of Clustering Applications
Kamran Shaukat Dar, Imran Javed, Warda Amjad, Samreena Aslam, Aroosa Shamim
4 Vector Control of Z-Source Inverter Fed PMSM Using SVPWM
Sreejaya.R, Vasanthi.V, Sangeeth.B.S
5 Moving Ahead in Future with Drones: The U.A.V’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Dr. Latika Kharb

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