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Volume 3, Issue 1, July (2015)

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1 Customer Relationship Management in Small Business through Cloud Services- An Innovative Approach towards Software as a Service
J. Vijaykumar, Dr. K. Iyyakutti
2 A Feature Point based Shape Analysis Approach for Indian Sign Recognition
Kanika, Rupali Malhotra
3 A Survey on Performance Comparison of Virtual Structure based Data Dissemination Schemes in WSN
Dinu Gopal, Dr. Suriyakala C D
4 A Hybrid Geometric Cryptography Approach to Enhance Information Security
Tanu, Rupali Malhotra
5 A Probabilistic Cell Generation Based Improved Decision Tree Approach for Intrusion Detection
Shelly Sachdeva, Rupali Malhotra
6 A Fuzzy Based Route Optimization model for QoS Optimization in VANET
Jatin Malik, Rupali Malhotra
7 A Weighted OFDM Scheme with Signal Clipping and Windowing Techniques for PAPR Reduction-Study
Nisila Binu, Dr.C.D Suriyakala
8 A Compound Algorithm Using Neural and AES for Encryption and Compare it with RSA and existing AES
Seema Rani, Dr Harish Mittal
9 Distributed Algorithm to Load Balanced Data Aggregation Tree Problem under Deterministic Network Model
Shaik Rizwana Begum, Dr. S. Vasundra
10 A Study of Radar Cross Section (RCS) Reduction Techniques
Soorya Prabhakaran, Chinchu Jacob, Sabith K, Neethu Bhaskaran
11 Measurement of Average End-to-End Delay of TCP Traffic for Various Active Queue Management Techniques
Shallu Bedi, Gagangeet S. Aujla
12 Performance Analysis and Comparison of Various Data Mining Techniques
Brahamjit Pannu, Puneet Sharma
13 Assuring Integrity in Privacy Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
CH. Keerthi prathyusha, Dr. C. Shoba bindhu
14 ‘TD-Sense Algorithm’-A Novel Approach to Improve Network Performance for 1G-EPON
Satya Prakash Rout
15 A Survey on Different Classification Methods on Agricultural Processing
Nisha, Isha

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