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Volume 10, Issue 3, March (2020)

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1 Designing a Smart Home Automation System Using Internet of Things and Mobile Application
Y. A. Bahshm, A. O. Aldhaibani
Abstract - The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the system, which is a network of interconnected machines, devices and objects that have the ability to transfer data. The Smart Home automation is an example that uses the IoT technology. The IoT Smart Home automation provides the ability for its users to monitor and control devices, irrespective of time or location. These devices can be lighting, home appliances, computers, and sensors. In this paper the smart home system with mobile application designed experimentally. The system is specifically designed for the comfort of the citizens with an objective of achieving user adapted controls and efficiency. The proposed system controls and monitors several home functions via wireless networks (Wi-Fi). With the use of the designed application, the user can control and monitor the home across anywhere from the globe using the Wi-Fi alone.

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