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Volume 8, Issue 2, February (2018)

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1 Review of Multiparameter Techniques for Precision Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Network
Nitin Jain, Sushila Madan, Sanjay Kumar Malik
2 Survey on Symptom Based Clinical Document Clustering
I. Mohan, Hrithu Sathish, Kruba Gayathri. S
3 Multihop Energy Enhancement Protocols in WSN
Sona Malhotra, Urmila
4 Top-K Competitor Trust Mining and Customer Behavior Investigation Using Data Mining Technique
Nisha Joseph, B. Senthil Kumar
5 Dynamic Traffic Control System Using RFID and GSM
Ramshida V.P
6 High Secure Web Service to Resolve Different Web Vulnerabilities
Girisan E K, Savitha T

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