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Volume 8, Issue 10, October (2018)

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1 Economic Analysis on Real Time Data Fusion Using Kibana & ElasticSearch
R.Augustian Isaac, Srijan Mehrotra, Arpit Agrawal, Mayukh Biswas
2 Enhancement of Back Gate Bias to Reduce Power Dissipation in Domino Inverter by Lower Adaptive Voltage Level Circuit
K. Kalai Selvi
3 Face Recognition Security Module using Deep Learning
R. Augustian Isaac, Abhinav Agarwal, Priyanshi Singh
4 Home and Industrial Safety Using Gas and Fire Detection System Using GSM Technology
S. Pandiaraj, B. Prasanth, Karthik Kembai, Animesh Singh, Yashketan Patra
5 Android Based Proxy Prevention in Attendance with Social Media Report Generation
S. Pandiaraj, Akshay P.M
6 Next Generation Home
Aaditya Chaturvedi, Kartik Lamba, Sanyog Acharyya, S Pandiaraj
7 Criminal Report Management System
Gali Pujitha, Saumya Shekhar, Samyuktha Murali, Sahana M
8 Range Detector Using LIDAR
Dhikhi. T, Murugesh. K, Mohammad Faheem, Harshit Pandya, Soumen Mukherjee

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