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Volume 5, Issue 2, November (2015)

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1 A Survey - Data Privacy through Different Methods
Kamran Shaukat Dar, Imran Javed, Syed Asad Ammar, Syed Konain Abbas, Sohail Asghar, M.Abu Bakar, Usman Shaukat
2 Protecting Host-Based Intrusion Detectors Through Virtual Machines
D. Satish, Dr. B. Sujatha
3 QoS Support in Wireless Sensor Networks
Gomita Verma, Prof. Moinuddin
4 A Perlustration of ICI Self Cancellation Schemes for OFDM Systems
Vaishali Bahl, Amandeep Singh Sehmby, Narinder Pal Singh
5 Video Watermarking using Fractal Encoding & RLE Encoding
Navdeep Kaur, Er. Amandeep Mavi

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