Welcome to Journal of Network communications and Emerging Technologies (JNCET)

Journal of Network communications and Emerging Technologies (JNCET) is a scholarly open access online international journal, which aims to publish peer-reviewed original research papers in the field of Computer Networks and various other Emerging Technologies. JNCET aims to bring the new application developments among the researchers and academician and JNCET lays the foundation of sharing research knowledge among the researchers. All the submitted papers are peer-reviewed by the experts in the relevant field of Networking and other Emerging Technologies and accepted papers are published online immediately after receiving the final version of the manuscript in the upcoming recent issue.

Year of Commencement: 2015.

Frequency: JNCET Publishes one volume with 12 issues per year.

Aim and Scope:

Journal of Network communications and Emerging Technologies (JNCET) covers all the relevant field of Computer Networks and all the Emerging Technologies in the field of Computer Science and other subjects.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:Computer Networks, network technologies, Ad hoc Networks, Software and hardware engineering, Telecommunications technologies, Mobile Computing, Internet Computing, Network protocols, Multimedia Communications,Social Networks, Web Services, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Grid computing, Image Processing and E-Commerce, E-Banking, Management Studies, Soft Skills, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and others Emerging Technologies.

Publication Process

Accepted papers will be published online immediately,upon receiving the final version from the authors.

Paper Submission

There is no deadline for paper submission. Authors are requested to send their unpublished manuscripts to: jnceteditor@gmail.com


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